“Show me the money” 

– Rod Tidwell, Jerry Maguire (2006)

Ready to get your film made, market, and distributed?

Marketing, Technology, and film distribution are a headache regarding understanding and execution.

You are a filmmaker who was not taught to sell, market, design workflows, find the correct contacts, or mention your work correctly. 

This is not your fault, but you can make it up.

If you feel related to any of these situations:

  • You don’t have the clarity on the strategy to execute the next steps. 
  • You get frustrated and confused with the amount of admin tasks needed before and after your film gets done and released. 
  • You have many ideas but are lost with the procedures you need to follow.
  • You need more financial resources to make your film happen and an expert to guide you. 
  • You know in your heart you can make this film, but you don’t know how to sell it, find the money, or take it to the big screen. 

It's time for us
to work together

“Big things have small  beginnings, sir” 

– T E Lawrence,  Lawrence of Arabia (1962).

The Path to The Big Screen
Film Strategies done with you

This service is for film producers and filmmakers who are loking for guidance, strategy, and the step-by-step  to make their films irresistible to investors, money people, and their target audience to transform raving fans into cash in your bank account.

You have arrived in to the right place, The Path to the Big Screen is a service done with you where I teach you everything I know. 

What does it include?

  • 3 film strategies done with you: Film business plan, film marketing plan, film distribution strategy.  3 sessions via Zoom maximum of 1.5h.
  • Action plan for each one of the strategies above.
  • Access to a Google folder with recordings, templates, and action steps.
  • 90 days Voxer support where we keep in touch in between sessions. We send voice notes and messages with questions, doubts, and comments.

Implementation and execution are the responsibility of the client.

Buy the 3 strategies and pay in full $4995 USD or  3 installments of $1795 USD. plus VAT (If applicable)

You can buy a single strategy from the ones mentioned above for $1895 USD. plus VAT (If applicable)


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Lights, Camera, and Market
Done for you film production, marketing, and film distribution

Making a film is not straightforward and I am here to support you. 

This service is a 1 year long where I take care of the creation, implementation, and execution of your film strategies, set up workflows, look for funds, investors, collaborators, execute the marketing plan, manage the team, and create and execute your distribution strategy.

What does it include?

  • Planning and Strategies.
    1. Strategies
    2. Mapping following steps
    3. Workflows and implementation.
  • Funding.
    1. Connections to investors, executive producers, co-production companies, and professionals in the film industry.
    2. Applying to public and private funds
  • Starts execution of Marketing Plan pre-production, production, film festivals, and distribution.
  • Film Festival Strategy execution – Route.
  • Film Distribution Strategy Execution.

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“A 25% slice of something  is better than a 100%  slice of nothing”

– Fast Eddie Felson,  The Hustler (1961).

Online Courses

Grow your network and make money in 3 simple steps

This is the networking and sales process I have followed for years, and it took me from making zero money to thousands every month and helped me meet great people while growing my network.
Only $199 USD

An online program to build your creative brand and business

Rosa Camero will teach you the business side of creativity, how to live from your craft, and have a structured and strategical brand and business so you can do what you love while your bank account explotes. 
Make art. Make money. Make an impact in the world.
Only $995USD

“Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something. Not even me. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you, you can’t do it. You want something, go get it. Period. Alright?”
– Chris Gardner, The Pursuit of Happyness (2006).

My podcast

A series of episodes with amazing magical people that I´ve interviewed for my Life & Business podcast.

“I have collaborated a few times with Rosa, who was always a good professional, reliable collaborator that managed all the tasks required with diligence and professionalism, in time and it has been always a delight to work with her. Rosa helped us to develope some of our theatrical releases marketing strategies with special focus in social media and internet with good results and achieving our goals. She has very good communication skills too and wide marketing knowledge”

– Jose Manuel Jara, Owner, Cinetel Multimedia S.L.