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An online membership for filmmakers and film producers who want to learn and master the business side of it. 

Starting on August 1st. 2024

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A few of the films I have worked with

Your film is NEXT

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  • You are enthusiastic and efficient in marketing and selling your film.
  • You learn how to establish connections with distributors and producers who can help you get your film to a general audience and festivals.
  • You know exactly how to engage and get the interest of more influential people in the project you’re trying to sell. 
  • You have the experience on films that allow you to go to future investors and get money for the next film.
  • You know how to get your film out there in a profitable way.
  • You produce films that give you enough ROI to live completely from your creative work.


  • You are frustrated with marketing and selling your films.
  • You know how to make a film but need to know how to sell it.
  • You struggle the most when getting the money to make the film.
  • It’s exhausting to think about the money you need to make your films a reality.
  • You are not good at networking, PR, or even selling your film to investors. You don’t want to be a pain in the a$$.
  • You don’t know who to talk to or what to say when selling your film.
  • You feel like in a bubble, and it’s difficult to get out of it to sell, or to reach the market or the right audience for your film. 


If you nod and answer yes to any of the sentences above, then it’s time for you to join the Filmpreneurship Network


 A 100% online program running all year round (except vacation and bank holidays) 

It is time for YOU to transform your filmmaking passion into profit.

A Year-Round Membership Program with a six-month commitment. In it, you will learn the business side of filmmaking. You will focus your energy on finance, marketing, and selling your film in a fun and doable way.

Also, in the community, you create your strategies and implement them, and you’ll have an action plan to execute your strategy and make things happen.  

As a participant, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources, including trainings, masterclasses, a supportive community, and networking opportunities. 

The topics you’ll learn:

  1. Branding.
  2. Funding.
  3. Marketing.
  4. Selling.
  5. Film distribution.
  6. P&A

Communication will be present through an exclusive Facebook group, email for specific support, and an app for having a group chat (TBA)  

  • Response time expectation: Monday to Friday (during business hours within 48 hr).

If you want to transform your filmmaking passion into profit and have happy investors, raving fans, and money coming in.



  • LIVE classes with you via Zoom, where you get to ask questions.
  • Access to a film business plan, budget, marketing plan, film distribution plan, and P&A templates are ready to use in your film. 
  • Access to templates and documents that Rosa has used in the films she has worked with. 
  • Access to recordings and online trainings inside a course platform to check on them whenever you want.
  • Access to a Facebook group and a chat group in a different app to have you covered. 
  • Group coaching and mindset sessions. 
  • Masterclasses with professionals in the film industry. 
  • You can access Rosa for questions, doubts, and advice on selling, marketing, and distributing your film in the chat and Facebook group.


$249 USD per month (TAX included)

$1450 USD every 6 months (TAX included)



  • Everything mention on Filmpreneurship Network Basic 
  • 2 monthly sessions 1on1 via Zoom for you and 2 more people of your team. 
  • Support and communication via email or an app of preference (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Voxer).
  • Strategies and plans done with you (as part of your regular sessions): Film business plan, slide deck,  marketing plan, budget, fund applications, film distribution plan, and P&A. 
  • Access to a Google Drive where recordings, templates, documents, and everything related is saved for your easy access.  


$995 USD per month (TAX included)

$5750 USD every 6 months (TAX included)




  • A 100% done-for-you service.

    This means you work in your zone of genius while I enchant your film and vision. 

    A One-Year-Long Contract where strategies, implementation, and execution are done for your film.

    This means you have a person working 10 to 15 hours a week for your production company on everything related to funding, marketing, film festival routes, and the distribution plan for your film. 

    Everything executed and related to your film will be agreed upon strategies and previous meetings. 

    Communication is via email, phone, or an app of preference (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Voxer).

    Response speed expectation: Monday to Friday (during business hours within 48 hr).



$3.000 USD per month (plus TAX if applicable) or

$36.000 USD a year (plus TAX if applicable)

More films I have worked with


I had a great experience working with Rosa. We talked about marketing, branding, and business. Just want to say she is fabulous! Friendly and personable with great positive and kind energy! She’s been working in the industry for some time with distributors and film marketing on several phases and has great advice; she knows her way. I totally recommend working with her if you want to build something that lasts.
Film Director and Producer
We hired Rosa to deliver some workshops for The British Film Institute, and I can say a big thank you for your work. The fact that the attendees had clear takeaways at the end of each session regarding what they found beneficial showed how interested and engaged they had been. Thank you for leading such great sessions.
Film Executive Producer
Working with Rosa has been a complete change of mindset! Totally worth the investment and the time I spent working with her. We created the marketing strategy for my project, but all I’ve learned will be very useful for my company and me. I’m so thankful!
Film Animation Director and Producer


  • You would like to learn from someone with connections in the industry and get the know-how of marketing to promote your film.
  • You are ready to whatever it needs to get people sit in front of a screen.   
  • You want to built a sustainable network that brings money, connections, and ROI. 
  • You are looking for excitement when making, selling and marketing in your film.
  • You want to be at that point in your career where you can make films that give you enough ROI so you can live out of them.
  • You want to get away from corporate work and get into more narrative work by solving the marketing and problems.


  • You are not eager to listen, learn, and be open-minded about everything is taught in this programme.
  • You are not willing to do the work, the implementation, and the execution needed from your side to make things happen.
  • You have high expectations but low commitment to get things done. 
  • Not open to conversation, and usually you want everything in a heartbeat.
  • You are negative, always critiquing everyone else, and it’s everybody’s fault except yours. 
  • You want to show off your experience and knowledge. This is a community and we treat each other with respect.

The business side of the film industry is nowhere to be found, you have to learn as you go, but what if you had the opportunity to do it right.

This is ME in ACTION

I am caught working with Shailene Woodley on the Divergent red carpet in 2014; she is also known for Allegiant, Insurgent, The  Fault of the Stars, and the HBO series Big Little Lies. 

I am behind the camera. This is Oscar-winning production designer Eugenio Caballero; we are promoting The Impossible in 2014. He is known for Roma, Pan’s Labyrinth, and A Monster Call. 

This is the red carpet for The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei. 

This photo is from the film promotion New Moon with Kristen Steward and Taylor Lautner. 


Film director Ryan Coogler was promoting Fruitvale Station, a film I promoted in 2013. He is also known for Black Panther, Space Jam, Creed I, II, and III, and more.

Hi, I am Rosa...

I’ll be your teacher, mentor, and coach inside the FILMPRENEURSHIP NETWORK.

When I decided to open my film business no one told me how difficult it is to thrive in this industry.

I worked a lot for free believing in false promises and hoping someone will find me and give me lots of money.

That didn’t happen!

That’s when I found out I was petrified of offering and selling my services and what I did. My background was in marketing but my blocks around money and pricing were stopping me from success. 

I was so in love with films that I didn’t give up and I learned how to negotiate, set prices, charge money, and make a living out of the films I work for. 

I can say I made it, I have been working in the film industry for 16 years where 8 out those 16 have been as an entrepreneur. I went from 0 to 200k and selling and finding funds for  my clients’ films for far more than amount. 

This is why I decided to open this membership program because we need more filmmakers and film producers to learn the business side of films. 

The talent is there, you only need the marketing, selling, and negotiation skills that you can learn. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a Master’s degree in Advertisement from the Complutense University of Madrid; I specialize in digital marketing by IAB Spain and Google; in 2021, I am a certified Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach, and I have worked in the film industry for the last 16 years.

You are in good hands!! 


Your film needs to be shown to the world. Are you ready for it?