Film Distribution and Marketing Consultant going all-in into Film Production

Hi! My name is Rosa; I help film producers crack the code of film distribution and marketing through strategy, innovation, and the use of the right technology.

So, they have a profitable film business, optimized workflows, money rolls in easily, do what they love, and they can impact the world while continuing to develop the cinematic art form.

Let’s make the business and technology side of filmmaking enjoyable by maximizing production value, increasing artistic creativity, and digital cinema so your films see the light of the screen

International Film Network

A community where internationals and locals can meet, collaborate, network, and make films together.

The Path to The Big Screen 🎬

Strategies done with you where we map out the following steps for your film. Clarity, marketing, and networking are key for this to succeed.

Lights, Camera, and Market

A service done for you where strategies, funding, marketing, and film distribution are taken care for you. You just need to enjoy the ride of making a film.

Listen to my podcast Life & Business where we talk about life, business, money, and how these elements are intertwined in the everyday life. Come and join the conversation. 

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It all starts
with a decision