You are the main character of your film, let's make it a blockbuster.

Business and Marketing Coach for Creatives

Hi! My name is Rosa, I am on a mission to help as many creatives entrepreneurs as I can to believe in themselves, their talent, and their art.

So, you have a profitable business, money rolls in easily, do what you love, and you can impact the world with your work.

Let’s make the business side of creativity enjoyable through mindset/coaching, business & marketing strategy, and film marketing. 

Prosperity Creator's Hule

This is a group 1-year business program for creatives, artists, and filmmakers where you will learn the business side of creativity.

Take 🎬 ACTION - 1on1 Coaching

Work with me for 3, 6, or 12 months to grow your business and brand faster. This is for business owners who are thirsty for success now!

I Fix Your Mess - Marketing Service

This is a marketing service for businesses needing help following up with marketing. You want your sales funnels, systems, and marketing to be in a good place in a short period of time.

Join my 1-year business program

This is a 1-year membership business program for creatives, artists, and filmmaker and creativity is their main source of income.  

This is for you!

A year-round membership program where Rosa will teach you the business side of creativity, how to live from your craft, and have a structured brand and business so you can do what you love while growing your bank account. 

Client's Love

Listen to my podcast Life & Business where we talk about life, business, money, and how these elements are intertwined in the everyday life. Come and join the conversation. 

It all starts with a decision