This is a service done for you where I take care of funding, marketing, and the distribution part of your film.

These are a few of the films I have worked with

Your film is NEXT

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  • You free up time from your busy schedule to create. 
  • Focus your time on what needs to be focused on to grow your production company, which is what you personally want.
  •  You finally have the time to learn that new technology, new filming method, or virtual production that was on your to-do list for so long.
  • You can finally delegate the production admin work, marketing, and distribution work that implies making a film.
  • You know for sure your films will get to the big screen without the struggle it used to be. 

Focus on your film; I'll focus on everything else.


  • Filmmaking has many ends, and you can’t do it alone.
  • You feel responsible for everything and everybody working within your crew, and it’s hard to let go. 
  • You are so used to working the old school that it has become problematic to keep producing efficiently. 
  • A film’s marketing and distribution side is time-consuming, but unfortunately, it is very important.
  • As a film producer, don’t think about marketing and distribution until it’s too late. 
  • You have tried to do it all within your films, but it didn’t work how you wanted; you need help and guidance. 

It's time to feel excited, energized, and enthusiastic about the next film project


How it works

This is a 100% done-for-you service.

This means you work in your zone of genius while I enchant your film and vision. 

This is a one-year-long contract where strategies, implementation, and execution are done for your film.

This means you have a person working 10 to 15 hours a week for your production company on everything related to funding, marketing, film festival routes, and the distribution plan. 

I want to point out that everything executed related to your film will be agreed upon strategies and previous meetings. 

Communication is via email, phone, or an app of preference (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Voxer).

Response speed expectation: M-F with a response time of max 48h.

This is how overwhelming making and releasing a film is

I am here to make it simpler

What is the process?

Hiring LIGHTS, CAMERA, AND MARKET is setting your film/TV series up for a successful release.

  • Planning and Strategies. This part is crucial to our work and the success of the film.
    1. Strategies. We create strategies aligned with your film and goals.
    2. Mapping the following steps. We have action plans for each strategy and the steps to follow.
    3. Workflows and implementation. We make sure to have everything ready before we start the execution.
  • Funding. One thing a film always needs is money. 
    1. We build connections to investors, executive producers, co-production companies, and professionals in the film industry.
    2. Applying to public and private funds. There are always grants running all year round, and we find the ones that suit your film. 
  • Starts execution of Marketing Plan. Marketing starts early, from pre-production to distribution. There is not a single time when marketing will stop. 
  • Film Festival Strategy. One way to create awareness about the film is through film festivals and markets. We make sure to apply and/or to be present. 
  • Film Distribution Strategy Execution. It looks like the last step, but there is so much that needs to be done, even before the film is produced. We put all the implementations to work. 

More films I have worked with

Do you want to see the rest?

This service has only 2 spots available each year, so you'll need to apply and see if there's availability and if we're a good fit. 

LIGHTS, CAMERA, AND MARKET is for you if...

  • You crave to have more time in your hands to produce and create more. 
  • You want to grow a sustainable business.
  • You want to focus on other matters of your production company/ business.
  • You want to be prepared with different alternatives when it comes to producing, marketing, and distribution.  
  • You want to learn the marketing process and implement it in all your film projects.
  • You are ready to be consistent with not only producing but the marketing, and distribution.
  • You want to have a round film business where you produce, you promote, and your distribute your own films.

This is not for you if...

  • You are not eager to listen, learn, and be open-minded about the process.
  • You are not willing to do the work, the implementation, and the execution needed from your side because even though this is a done-for-you service, it will always be information and action you need to take.
  • You have high expectations but low commitment to get this done. 
  • Not open to conversation, and you usually want everything in a heartbeat.

This is ME in ACTION

I am caught working with Shailene Woodley on the Divergent red carpet in 2014; she is also known for Allegiant, Insurgent, The  Fault of the Stars, and the HBO series Big Little Lies. 

I am behind the camera. This is Oscar-winning production designer Eugenio Caballero; we are promoting The Impossible in 2014. He is known for Roma, Pan’s Labyrinth, and A Monster Call. 

This is the red carpet for The Wrestler with Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei. 

This photo is from the film promotion New Moon with Kristen Steward and Taylor Lautner. 

This is what it's like working with me

This is for you if you are not a really great marketing person or don't have any idea about film distribution

Film director Ryan Coogler was promoting Fruitvale Station, a film I promoted in 2013. He is also known for Black Panther, Space Jam, Creed I, II, and III, and more.

Hey, I am Rosa...

I have created LIGHTS, CAMERA, AND MARKET  because I know how busy filmmakers and film producers jump from project to project without taking into account the marketing and distribution of their films. 

I have helped many films reach the big screen, but I have learned that having a film on a VOD platform or releasing a film in movie theaters doesn’t mean people will watch it, and you will make money. You can have all the film distribution deals in the world, but unless you know how to promote your film, it’s not possible to make money with it. 

So, I set off on a mission to help filmmakers and film producers with fantastic films earn their audience’s hearts, find cinematic partnerships, captivate audiences in the digital world, and craft a PR narrative that shines. 

In my 15 years of experience working in the film industry and 7 years as an entrepreneur, I know the importance of having the right professionals by your side. 

One of the reasons my clients and my community follow me is to learn how to master the marketing side of filmmaking, and thanks to my experience in films, I have had the privilege to work with more than 130 films in my years working in this industry

When I became a film consultant, I knew my mission was to help film producers and filmmakers understand the importance of film distribution and marketing. So, this offer is proof of my commitment, where I create your ultimate marketing strategy and distribution plan and support you during the production journey of your film. Not only we work together for a minimum of a year, but your film will be on its way to a successful release. 

You are not alone in this. I got you! 

The only way to break the circle is to do something different.

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I can help this to happen!