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An online program to build your creative brand and make money like never before.

Make art

Make money 

Make an impact in the world

Open for enrollment all-year round


This program is 100% online, you can connect from anywhere around the world.

This is for you if...

You want to do the work that lights you up

You need to learn how to make money from your craft

You know you were born to live from your talent, craft, and art

You are born to impact the world

You want to make lots of money on your terms

Not knowing the business side of creativity is ruining you and holding you back from reaching your full potential

You are frustrated because you know you have the potential to make an impact in the world and earn the money you deserve

You don’t know where to start, but you desire to make a living from your art

Your dream has always been to be your own boss and have a creative business

You want to make an impact on younger generations

You want to be a reference in your field regarding your talent and art

You want to be more than creative. You want to be a legend

You are an ambitious person, and don’t feel guilty about it

If you nod and answered yes to any of the sentences above, then it’s time for you to join Prosperity Creator’s Hule

A year-round online program where Rosa Camero will teach you the business side of creativity, how to live from your craft, and have a structured and strategical brand and business so you can do what you love while your bank account explotes. 




Online trainings: A self pace online program where you learn how to run your business in a easy way.

  • Mindset
  • Money
  • Creating an offer
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Marketing: Branding, Website, Emailing, SEO, Social Media, Public Relations.
  • Sales
  • Negotiations. 

Pay in full $995USD VAT included.

6 installment $179USD VAT included.

3 installment $349USD VAT included. 


I had a great experience working with Rosa. We talked about marketing, branding, and business. Just want to say she is fabulous! Friendly and personable with great positive and kind energy! She’s been working in the industry for some time with distributors and film marketing on several phases and has great advice; she knows her way. I totally recommend working with her if you want to build something that lasts.
Film director and producer
Rosa’s help was great! She was available and helpful before, during our time working together. Moreover, she was super clear and quick to pinpoint what had to be done, with a clear idea of the needed steps. I would totally recommend her!
Working with Rosa has been a complete change of mindset! Totally worth the investment and the time I spent working with her. We created the marketing strategy for my project, but all I’ve learned will be very useful for my company and me. I’m so thankful!
Animator Filmmaker & Producer
It was amazing to feel that creative energy from all women in the course 😇 now I got motivated to start my own company and create my own web page, I have been thinking of doing it for so long. When you see people so excited about things they do, you can not procrastinate😜 thank you for your energy!
Make-up Artist
We hired Rosa to deliver some workshops for The British Film Institute, and I can say a big thank you for your work. The fact that the attendees had clear takeaways at the end of each session regarding what they found beneficial showed how interested and engaged they had been. Thank you for leading such great sessions.
Film Executive Producer
Working with Rosa has given me more clarity about the steps I need to take in my business. I have learned to set boundaries in my work and feel more comfortable with my prices, so I can increase my fees if I need to. Also, I cleared out with Rosa my visibility blocks. I feel more comfortable showing myself more on social media thanks to her.

Here is everything you need; you better believe you will grow your bank account with your talent and art.

Hi, I am Rosa...

I have been in business for the last 6 years and have had the fortune to work with amazing clients worldwide and a remote team. 

I have worked with over 100 films and thousands of creatives during my years in the film and creative industries. 

I have worked as a film distributor and film marketing expert, where I got to be the middle woman between creatives and the final buyer, such as exhibitors, VOD platforms, distributors, studios, galleries, brands, etc.

I have worked as a creative and coached and helped creatives reach their goals with their projects because they are tired of not making enough money, not reaching their audience, don’t being known for their talent.

I have been on both sides of the creative business, and I know where creators need my help and how I can help them.  

It took me years to get where I am, and I don’t want that to happen to you. Save time and make it happen. I am here to help you.

Today, I am on a mission to teach as many creators as possible to set up their own brand and business so they believe in themselves and their talent, make a living from their craft, enjoy, and earn money while they make an impact in the world with their work.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a Master’s degree in Advertisement from the Complutense University of Madrid; I specialize in digital marketing by IAB Spain and Google; in 2021, I was certified as an Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach, and I have worked in the film industry for the last 14 years.

I have also helped many creatives and entrepreneurs like you set up their brands and businesses.

You are in good hands!! 



There is a difference between online courses and PCH.

In an online course, you buy it and do it yourself when you can and have the time. PCH is a program where you have the support, the coaching, the community, trainings, and you are in contact with me all the time. This is a program done with you; you are part of the program’s evolution. You are the program.

I understand if you don’t trust PCH but if you give it a chance you will be surprised. This is not another online course.

PCH is design to help you with your business from the inside.

If you still have doubts you have a 14-day refund if the program is not what you expected. Besides, I believe trust must be part of the equation, I am always available for my clients, and you can talk to me.

Before, I was in a creation mode; I thought I needed to create more courses to serve better, and I can see now that having more doesn’t mean I helped my clients, but all those online courses I created are the base for PCH. Easy, step-by-step, done with you (in this first stage) business program. 

In PCH I am with you every step of the way; you see my face almost every week. We have trainings together, challenges, coaching sessions, and more plus, you don’t only work on your business skills but on your mindset too.

This is true, but I believe that each one of us, the people living on this planet, is unique and it has a unique talent. There might be many “marketing gurus” out there, but each one of them delivers and sees the world differently. 


From my side, my Mexican heritage, having lived in 5 different countries throughout my life, speaking 3 languages, working in the film industry for 14 years, have had clients around the world make the experience of working with me special. 

I started my entrepreneurial adventure 6 years ago with no network, no clients, and no experience. I built what I have from the ground up. 

But you can judge for yourself; you can get to know me through my content; you can read my posts on social media, listen to my podcast, or be part of my Facebook groups. You can feel the vibe of who I am in each content piece.

I often hear this, and you know what I think about this phrase 🙂.

I can say you likely have the money, but you decide not to invest in this particular program right now. 

It’s all about priorities.

Think about it; you have money to travel, money for the gym, and money to do your nails. 

What happens is that the business is not that important to you, or perhaps you are afraid. If it’s the second, you need to have a leap of faith in yourself. 

You decide where you put your time and energy; no one else can do that for you. But if I had a baby at home, started a new business, invested in myself, and worked as I could, then you can do it too. 

Again it’s not about the time but priorities in your life and business. 


You are a powerful personal brand. Let’s show it to the world.