Grow your Network and make money in 3 simple steps

About Formula Connect

This is the networking and sales process I have followed for years, and it took me from making zero money to thousands every month and helped me meet great people while growing my network. 


Reach the people that matters to you

Network and Sell with Ease

Have a call, offer your services

Close the Deal

Wait for the money to come into your bank account

Show Me the Money!!

Every time I think about sales I remember this scene from Jerry Maguire.


This concise yet powerful and practical online course teaches you how to network and sell in 3 simple steps.

Formula CONNECT is excellent for finding collaborations, media mentions, interviews, sponsors, and buyers. 

The social media I use in this course is Linkedin, but you can easily take this formula and put it to work in other social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

> My first distribution deal came from using this formula on Twitter. 

> My biggest client came this way from LinkedIn.

> Invaluable connections came through reaching out to their DMs on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Many clients have come from virtual coffees like the one I teach you in this course. 

Here, I teach you how to master:

  • Connecting with the right people
  • Approaching 
  • Close the Deal

You decide how hard networking and sales can be, but I assure you that this course will make your life easier when approaching new people online.

Welcome to Formula Connect.

Who is this for?

Film Business owners

That are trying to grow their network and increase their sales more B2B


Who are trying to sell their art or looking for collaborations, art houses, or places to show their art.


Who struggle with sales and meeting new people. Not everything is content marketing.

Film producers

Who are trying to figure it out how to sell their film or how to find the money to produce their film.


Who are trying to enter the film industry but they don't know the right people.

What people say about working with me...

Rosa shared her experience in business and marketing with countless tips and tricks, which concretely helped with advancing my business. Moreover, she has been relentlessly energetic and positive throughout the year, pushing me to shift my business mindset and challenge my limits.
Lidia Morelli
My experience in the film industry with Rosa has been more than positive, she has made several marketing campaigns for our films in distribution in Spain. Rosa is a very open-minded person, very professional and adaptive to the needs of her clients and partners, a collaborative work with her is also a source of mutual richness.
Sylvia Leray
Film Producer and Distributor
Thank you Rosa for the opportunity to work with you, your approach to making business in the creative industry was helpful and insightful for me. Your course was also very easy to follow and well communicated, I appreciate the tips and all the material provided, they have been 100% helpful.
Manos Kasapakis
Play Design / Furniture Designer
Rosa is great to work with and also fast with replying if you need any assistance. Great and professional services with the best quality. Highly recommended. If you need help with marketing and strategies for your business just close your eyes and let Rosa do it for you, you won't regret.
Shawn Fareed
Owner - Goflex Traffik


This online course was created to help you grow your network, meet the right people, and make money.

It is a super practical course that can be done in less than 90 minutes.

This course includes:

You only pay $199

Hi! I'm Rosa;

And here is how I went from 0 to 200k in my film business.

After a successful career in film distribution in Mexico in 2014, I moved to Spain and started from scratch; many people suggested it was difficult to enter the film industry where I didn’t have a network. Little did I listen and went back to the film industry.

The first step is to grow my network and meet people; you never know who can open the door for you.

I started using LinkedIn and reached out to people I knew, and within the first 2 years of my business, I distributed 20 films in Spanish cinemas.

In 2017, I moved again to Copenhagen, Denmark, and had to start again; this time, I knew what I needed to do.

This is precisely what I teach you in this online course: how to meet people the right people, what to tell them, and how to close the deal.

This course is perfect if you are looking for investors, clients, paid gigs, or a crew. It works! This is how I went from 0 to 200k in sales.

"Formula Connect helped me to go international with my company; this is an easy way to meet new people and potential collaborators"
- Marta, Casting Director.