You are currently viewing Life & Business by Rosa Camero Episode 13: Having An International Business

Life & Business by Rosa Camero Episode 13: Having An International Business

Today we’re going to talk about having an international business.

Did I plan to have an international enterprise?

I wanted to, but I didn’t plan it. Everything in my business is planned, but in the beginning, it was trial and error.

When I started Rossscammm, I knew what I wanted. Even though I was living in Spain, I could see myself doing business internationally with clients around the world.

So I started my company building my website, and it started with a .com domain. So it wasn’t .es, that’s for Spain. The language of the website was English. Spanish was the second language on the website. Also, I started doing social media posts in English. We do some sporadic posts in Spanish if we’re doing something for Spanish-speaking clients.

Even though English wasn’t my first language I wasn’t that great at it. At the beginning, my blog posts weren’t the greatest. I started writing my blog posts in both, Spanish and English and I write a lot. I can see now that, writing in English has helped me to improve the language.

If you’re afraid of writing in another language because you’re not professionally fluent, but you would like to do it, just dare to write. This challenge will improve your writing and speech skills in that language.

I really wanted to work with people around the world in the film industry and especially because the film industry has a really powerful industry in the United States of America, so having a Spanish website wasn’t going to help me to get overseas. I didn’t plan my international business to become a success, but it has worked really well. We are working with really amazing customers around the world.

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