Life & Business Podcast Episode 1

Life & Business by Rosa Camero Episode 01: Get To Know My Story

Welcome to the first episode of my new Podcast, Life & Business. I love stories. I love to share my knowledge, and I also love to share other people’s stories that inspire me. 

My name is Rosa Camero, a Mexican living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I have been living in Europe for the last seven years. The story of these seven years begins when I started dating a danish guy in Mexico City, this was in 2014.

He found a job in Madrid and we decided that we wanted to move to Madrid and the best way for me to emigrate to Spain was with a student visa so I started a master’s in Complutense Madrid University. I applied for a student visa for a year and then next year we got married.

I was starting this master. I was working in a public relations agency, but I wasn’t happy living in Spain. I wasn’t happy with this job. When you move countries I was believing I have this amazing career why wouldn’t anyone accept me and work with me because I have all this experience? I’ve been doing this like for so long.

I sent hundreds of CVs. I tried to connect with the people to find an opportunity in the film industry because this is where I used to work in Mexico for a distribution and production company, and I decided to come back to the film industry. That didn’t happen.

So I decided to build my place in the film industry, I wanted to go back and I opened a business, I became an entrepreneur.

 In today’s episode, I’ll tell you about my childhood, my life as an exchange student, and the complete origin story of Rossscammm Films & Marketing, my digital marketing agency.

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