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Join me in this free webinar where I share how started and grew my business in 2 different countries without knowing the right people.

June 23th, 2022

19h (CET) Copenhagen

18h London
12h New York City
11h Mexico City


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Sales are slow and you don't know what else to do

This webinar will help you to feel unstuck and keep going with growing your business.

What are you going to learn?



To Sell

Sales process might sucks for some of us!

I totally get it!
When I opened my business I didn’t know what I was doing I thought if I worked really hard people will see it and voila! They were going to hire me. 
But, they never did! 
  • I had a website
  • I had a blog
  • I sent emails
  • I worked really really hard
That wasn’t enough!! 
What I was doing wrong? 
I wasn’t selling or making any money 🙁
I needed to push my selling skills and I was petrified, I didn’t like to sell, I didn’t like to push people to buy from me, or to call them, I didn’t want to bother., I didn’t even like to ask.
I realized that having a business is more complex and knowing how to do marketing wasn’t enough. 
I was showing up and I was having a fancy “business” but I was BROKE AF.
I was petrified of selling and the way other people teach sales wasn’t my style.
I hate cold calling and showing up in people’s businesses without notice.
So, I invented my own way of selling…
Less pushy, more authentic, and moving the energy around, this is what you are going to get during this webinar.
When I feel the business is slow I just put to work the energy and the method I will share with you during this webinar and business starts moving again. 
This method is more about connecting with people rather than showing up on social media. 
You just need to show the universe you are open for business and showing up to this webinar can be the first step. 
See you on the other side!!

Who is this for?

Business owners


Film producers


Show Me the Money!!

Every time I think about sales I remember this scene from Jerry Maguire.

When joining this webinar, you also have access to a 5-day sales challenge that we will have in a closed community on Facebook.

Selling is funnier with others. 

Hi, I am Rosa...

I am a Mexican living in Europe for almost 8 years.

I have a degree in Communication and I worked in the film industry until I moved countries.

I moved to Europe because of love but I never thought it was going to be that hard to move to another country.

In 2014, I moved to Madrid, Spain I studied for a master’s in Advertising at the Complutense University of Madrid and because I was lost in my professional career, I decided to specialize myself in Digital Marketing by Google and IAB.

After a big disappointment and crying like a baby, I decided to open my business which allowed me to go back to what I love, films. Yay!! But no one told me how hard it is to set everything into motion and make money.

In 2017, I became a mom and I moved countries again, this time to Copenhagen, Denmark and I started the process of starting a business all over again.

During 6 years in business, I have gone from 0 to more than 150k in sales.

I have developed a formula to meet new people and grow my business.

I have started 3 successful businesses.

What people say about working with me...

Rosa is great to work with and also fast with replying if you need any assistance. Great and professional services with the best quality. Highly recommended. If you need help with marketing and strategies for your business just close your eyes and let Rosa do it for you, you won't regret.
Shawn Fareed
Owner - Goflex Traffik
If you are starting to form your company and you need to know the tools to promote yourself, Rosa is a very good option. she will certainly help you create a good social media marketing strategy.
Claudia Adeath
a few years ago I had the fortune to meet Rosa, I have attended several Rosa's courses and thanks to her I have learned how to manage better my business.
Lola del Aguila
Owner - Handmade piñatas


These are the most frequent questions people have about my webinar. 

Yes, many entrepreneurs and creatives have tried what I teach in this webinar and even though might be general at the same time applies to your situation.

Yes, if you are selling your talent and you are exchanging your services with others, this is definitely for you. 

Yes, even though I will be referring to business most of the time, the process can be used for selling films and creativity.