Selling Your Creative Genius Online


 This is a FREE 2-hours workshop where you’ll learn how to sell your creative genius online, build that online presence you have always wanted and have a prosperous business.

Only working 2 hours a day.

November 29th
20h CET.

Who is it for?

Creatives and entrepreneurs who

  • Have the experience and want to jump into the online world.
  • Want to be international and build a powerful online brand.
  • Want to sell their creative genius from the comfort of their home.
  • Want to make an impact in the world and the online space is the way to be. 


Online presence = more visibility, more opportunities, and more money.

Building an online presence and having a business might seem out of reach, difficult, especially for those not eager to do marketing.

It might seem exhausting and overwhelming.

They quit before even they started.

Social media, website, landing pages, offers, content, graphics. What a headache!

But what if I told you you could do all these, only working 2 hours a day?

Yeap, you don’t need more than that to build a visible brand and a successful business.

I will share my journey from creating a new brand to having consistent 2-5k every month in less than 6 months, only working 2 hours a day.

No, you don’t need a fancy website or a master business plan.

You only need the step-by-step and to be consistent.

I’ll share with you the step-by-step you just need to be consistent.

From social media to launch an offer and make money.

Have a look at the “behind the scenes” at Rosa Camero production set (this is what I call the systems inside my business)

If you can’t make it to the live, don’t worry; you’ll get the replays in your inbox daily.


Tuesday, November 29th,

20h Copenhagen and Madrid

19h London 

13h New York

12h Mexico City

Road map as an online creative. Where to start and where to finish.

Social media Content. How often to post on social media, what type of content, where to post, repurpose content. 

Marketing campaign. Offering and promoting your services and products.






Client's Love

"To be honest, since our first meeting, I often think of you as an interesting connection. It is very interesting the content you share. Your content is always very inspiring and enriching. It's very admirable to see you so engaged and always so active on the social media. 😊 The last topic is very spot on for me as I am planning to open my own company and a shift in mindset would be very helpful."
Production Designer
"I always see your posts and I wanted to buy from you, your content resonates so much with me. You are such a great marketer, I hope I can sell myself and what I do the way you do, investing with you is the best, I am learning from the best."
Film Educator
"Something I like about Rosa is that she specialises in working with creatives, she took the time to get to know me and was able to produce a unique and more personalised result. She is great at keeping all her clients connected through on going activities online and presential."

Why do you need to attend?

Reason 1

You are in a cross over and you need clarity for your next steps in business.

Reason 2

You have been thinking for a while to open your own business but your head and fear gets in the middle.

Reason 3

You know your work is meant to impact thousands around the world and the internet can give you that.

Reason 4

You are a decision maker and you know the online world is the next step to get where you want to be.

Are you worried about the time it may take?

Don’t worry; it will not take more than a couple of hours.

In exchange for your time, I promise a transformational experience.

More about Rosa Camero

I started my creative business adventure 6 years ago and have had the fortune to work with amazing clients worldwide and a remote team. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications and a Master’s degree in Advertisement from the Complutense University of Madrid; I specialize in digital marketing by IAB Spain and Google. In 2021, I was certified as an Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach, and I have worked in the film industry for the last 14 years.

I have coached and helped creatives reach their goals with their projects because they are tired of not making enough money, not reaching their audience, don’t being known for their talent.

Today, I am on a mission to teach as many creators as possible to earn more money, set up their own brand and business, so they believe in themselves and their talent, make a living from their craft, enjoy, and earn money while they make an impact in the world with their work.

I have also helped many creatives and entrepreneurs like you set up their brands and businesses.

You are in good hands!! 

Your art and craft are ready to be seen. Are you ready to show it to the world?

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