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March 16th




From 9h to 17h CET

Creative Women Rising Together

This event is about empowering and helping creatives, artists, and filmmakers women to be a better version of themselves and believe in themselves, their talent, and their art so they can grow their bank account.


Hi, my Name is Rosa!


I am originally from Mexico; I have worked in the film industry since 2008. I have participated in over a hundred film releases, including The Twilight Saga, The Impossible, Divergent, RED, Last Vegas, Maya the Bee, and many independent films.

In 2014 I moved to Spain, where I studied Advertising at the Complutense University of Madrid and specialized in Digital Marketing by Google and IAB Spain.

And then, life happened, and I moved (again) to Copenhagen in 2017, where I had a creative digital marketing agency; I grew this business from 0 – 155k USD with no network, living in a new country, and I didn’t speak the language.

In 2021 I decided to certify as an Entrepreneurship and Business Life Coach because even though my business was successful, I knew I could help creatives and entrepreneurs improve their mindset and follow their dreams more profoundly.

As I always say: You are the main character of your film. Make it a blockbuster.

Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun. - Mary Lou Cook (actress)

This is an event created for women who are part of the creative and film industry. During these hours together, you will learn how to overcome your fears, mental blocks, and negative beliefs, and you will have access to practical business and marketing trainings to reach success on your own terms.
My mission with this event is that you take action, and when the event ends, you feel so motivated and inspired that you don’t have another option than to take the necessary steps to reach your goals.
Get ready to be the best version of yourself, and prepare for the massive change you will feel inside.


This part is about meditation, mindset, and the practicalities of business. Speakers will help you understand your subconscious mind and how limiting beliefs affect your day-to-day life so you can take action in your business and feel free when you are doing marketing.


This is the professional part, where the fantastic women share their stories with us, the ugly side of being a woman in this industry, and how their mindset ritual helps them to overcome fear. Also, you will be able to dive inside different creative businesses and listen to practical advice.


Claudia Vaccarone - Inclusion, Gender and Diversity in Media Advisor

Claudia is a marketing strategy and communications executive with over 20 years of international experience in media, broadcasting, communication, diversity and gender equality. In 2021 she joined Netflix’ EMEA Inclusion Strategy Team, with the goal of embedding the inclusion lens within the Talent team and operations as well as with creative teams on content and all external facing supports, honoring the local cultural contexts of the region. Prior to that she was Head of Diversity Programmes for Members at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in Geneva, Switzerland. Previously she was Director of Global Market Research and Customer. She co-founded the first satellite industry women network EutEllesSat and spoke at industry events about the experiences of women in technology. After starting her career in the United States with the first multicultural advertising agency YAR, and in the PR department of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, she has led the worldwide launch of the Rome headquartered TV Files brand (1st European start-up at the crossroads of video broadcasting and IP). She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Seton Hall University (New Jersey, USA), a Master of Sciences in Public Relations from Golden Gate University (San Francisco, USA) and a Master degree in Marketing from HEC, Paris. She lives in Geneva, Switzerland and enjoys outdoors sports and nature with her husband and two quadri-lingual sons.

Neha Hooda - Visual Effects Executive Producer

Neha Hooda is a highly accomplished visual effects executive producer with over two decades of experience. She has worked on some of the most successful and well-known shows in recent history, including 1899 (Netflix), Marvel Studios' Black Panther Wakanda Forever, Loki, and Black Widow. Neha supports initiatives aimed at encouraging diversity, women in films and wellbeing at the workplace. Hooda also researches on the topic of children and media. She has presented her work at several global conferences such as the UNESCO Media Literacy Week, International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) Amsterdam among others. She has received the Unreal Engine Virtual Production Fellowship as part of the first cohort of Women Creators Program and also the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for her PhD research work. Apart from work, she enjoys scuba diving and fine arts.

Leslea Pederson - CEO of English Job Denmark

A Brit married to a Viking who landed in Denmark 15 years ago, Leslea is the CEO of English Job Denmark. With over 20 years’ communications experience in both the business & not-for-profit sectors, Leslea is passionate about coaching professionals & businesses in effective communication and helping them to finding their dream job.

Leigh Ariana Trifari - Award-Nominated Actress and Award-Winning Film Producer

LEIGH ARIANA TRIFARI is an award-nominated actress and award winning film producer currently based in the UK. She is the UK and EU Executive Director for the International Independent Producers Guild (IIPG) and CEO and Chief Creative Officer of her own production company, Triskelion Pictures. Leigh is passionate about helping women over 50 find their voice in today's film industry on both sides of the camera.

Elizabeth Vazquez - Pastry Chef Specialist in Cacao and Chocolate

I am Elizabeth Vázquez, a Mexican living in Madrid since 2014. I am a pastry chef specialist in cacao and chocolate. My chocolate brand is Elizabeth Vázquez Chocolatier. I help people who want to express themselves with chocolate. I teach them how to work with chocolate by personalized courses and consultancy for business.

Charlotte Atkinson - Producer and Productivity Strategist

Charlotte Atkinson is a producer and productivity strategist. She trained on the BFI Academy where she won a BAFTA mentoring spot, and now runs Our Daughter Productions, making films about dreamers who dare to do things differently. Charlotte is on a mission to help writers and directors create more films and fast-track their journey to getting paid.

Lidia Morelli - Wedding Photographer

Lidia Morelli is a wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She specializes in documenting intimate weddings and elopements. Her mission is to empower her clients to unapologetically show up as themselves, and to help them create meaningful memories in their own, unique and beautiful way.

Olga Skalska - Psychologist, Embodiment Coach, and Founder of Move&Grow

Olga Skalska is a Psychologist, Embodiment Coach, and Founder of Move&Grow, a company with a mission to support high-performing individuals and organizations in sustainable growth, well-being, and authentic leadership. In her work, Olga uses a holistic approach focusing on mind, body, and spirit integration. She aims to empower and equip every individual with skills and tools to create more mental, physical, emotional, financial, and spiritual freedom.

Vianessa Castaños - Actress, Screenwriter, Producer and Public Speaker

Vianessa Castaños is an actress, screenwriter, producer and public speaker based out of Madrid, Spain. On the heels of her performance career she launched Anaconda Productions in 2020 with the aim of developing projects that center racially and culturally diverse protagonists for the Spanish and international television and film markets. She's just wrapped a supporting role on Apple TV's "The Land of Women" starring Eva Longoria which is set to premiere in spring 2023.

Tina Robinson - Trained actress and founder of

Tina is a trained actress from California. Her specialty is stage fighting, which she performs, teaches and choreographs. On moving to Denmark, she was told that she would have to be twice as good as men, in order to be considered just as good. She was fired from the War Museum in Copenhagen in the 1990’s, which prompted her to research women warriors from the past. This has become her mission after her findings revealed thousands of examples of female warriors from all over the world. She is sharing this knowledge to bring these female warriors back into the narrative.

Melanie Dawn Smith - CEO & founder of Art Escape Studios & Cafe

Melanie Dawn Smith is a Canadian creative entrepreneur, working and living in Denmark. She is the CEO & founder of Art Escape Studios & Cafe, The AES Arts Collective, co-founder of the Warrior Women Network, and an oil painter and art educator. Her primary focus is building opportunities for women artists through mentoring, networking, an the Art Escape platform. employment & professional development. The concept: A community focused arts space, offering creative support and escape to any person interested in exploring their artistic identity. Melanie continues to develop programs aimed at stimulating creative development for the artists within the Collective and community.

Having money means helping others in a higher level. Imagine what you can do if you have the tools and the money for your succees.






9 – 9.30H

Welcome and Networking

Rosa Camero will give you a warm welcome to Creative Women Rising Together and you will also have the opportunity to network and get to know the other attendees. 

Rosa Camero – ACTION coach

9.30H – 9.45h

Unlocking the Power Within You to Align Your Mind and Soul for a Successful Creative Business – Guided Meditation


Rosa will guide you through a beautiful guided meditation to unlock your creative, prosperous, and loving self-power and enter this day open to receive the magnificent tools that await you during this day.

Rosa Camero – ACTION coach

9.45H – 10.15h

The Productive Creative/Filmmaker Method: the 4-step process to fast-tracking your journey to becoming a paid creative.

This session is crafted for writers, directors and indie filmmakers looking to create a career making their own films, but struggling to balance their unpaid dreams with paid jobs, bills and the ongoing uncertainty that comes from a career in film. By the end of the session, you’ll understand the exact framework to becoming a paid filmmaker, which tasks actually move the needle for your projects and practical strategies to overcoming imposter syndrome and self-sabotage

Charlotte Atkinson – Producer and Productivity Strategist

10.15H – 10.45h

Embrace the power of creative feminine energy and learn how to lead a successful and sustainable business without burnout

Are you overwhelmed and tired by running around trying to complete a neverending to-do list, always feeling like you are never good enough? You are not alone. For decades women were conditioned to work and think like men, completely abandoning their true power – creative feminine energy. It’s time to reclaim that power and bring balance into your life to create more ease and flow for your inner peace and business. You deserve to have fun and create out of pleasure, not stress!

Olga Skalska – Psychologist, Embodiment Coach, and Founder of Move&Grow

10.45h – 11h

Break/ Networking

11h – 12h

Heal your relationship with Money and let Success and Wealth be Your New Normal.  

Even though Money might have a bad reputation, you decide how to get along. During this time together, you will resolve these money blocks and issues and figure out how success and wealth can become a norm in your life, not only occasionally.
Let’s normalize Money in your life and business.

Rosa Camero – ACTION coach

12h – 12.30h

Get Your LinkedIn to do the work for you

In this session I will cover the key areas and highlight the best ways to improve your visibility and communication to your clients. You will leave with the skills to immediately transform your LinkedIn profile to reach your target audience.

Leslea Pederson – CEO of English Job Denmark

12.30h – 13.30h


13.30H – 14.30H

Roundtable: Overcoming Fear as a Professional Woman in the Creative/Film Industry

The creative and film industry is so underrepresented that women who are rising in the professional field need to camouflage with the opposite gender and try their best to succeed.
How have these women managed to rise to the top, and what is their mindset routine to overcome fears and those bad days when you want to leave everything and curl up in your bed?
These extraordinary women open up with us and let us know how it is being a woman in the creative/film industry.

Neha Hooda – VXF Executive Producer, Leigh Ariana Trifari – Actor and Film Producer, Vianessa Castaños Actor – and Film Producer, Melanie Dawn – Founder Art Escape Studio Claudia Vaccarone – Inclusion, Gender and Diversity in Media Advisor

14.30H – 15h

Fighting back as a Woman Warrior

I will share how the knowledge of women warriors of the past have inspired me, empowered my life and keep me going. No one will ever know how many there have been throughout time, because their stories have been erased, hidden and overshadowed by their male counterparts in a male-dominated world. My mission is to remind the world that women have always had the warrior spirit and we can do anything we put our minds to, at any age. We’re not dead yet.

Tina Robinson – Trained actress and founder of

15h – 15.15h

Break / Networking

15.15h – 15.45h

Making a Living with Chocolate

In this session, I will share my entrepreneurial journey and how I went from being a pastry chef working in a luxury restaurant to opening my own business in a country is not my own. Maternity has everything to do with this decision.
I have shifted my business from mass production of chocolates to be a chocolate consultant and known as the chocolate expert in my industry.

Elizabeth Vazquez – Pastry Chef Specialist in Cacao and Chocolate

15.45h – 16.15h

Oh, shoot, I am doing it anyway! My journey as a wedding photographer

I will walk you through some of the most significant challenges I encountered along the way to become a wedding photographer, and how I overcame them. My goal for this session is to inspire you with a story of perseverance, passion and growth! Onwards and upwards!

Lidia Morelli – Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

16.15h – 16.45h

Roundtable: Find the Support and Community to Grow your Business.

Being a creative and a business owner can be very lonely at times. You have ideas and decisions to make and need to know if you are on the correct path. During this roundtable, we are going to talk about how having a community and the proper support is crucial while running your business.

Tina Robinson – Actor and Founder Women Warriors, Elizabeth Vazquez – Pastry Chef Specialist in Cacao and Chocolate, Lidia Morelli – Wedding Photographer Moderator: Rosa Camero

16.45h – 17h

Next Steps, Good Bye and Networking


March 16th




From 9h to 17h CET

Your Story is Your Power.
Make the best out of it and let yourself shine.

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